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Skin Packaging: In addition to laser and die cutting we also offer contract vacuum packaging, skin pack or vacuum pack: It's called skin pack because the plastic forms a sort of skin on the product and card. 

Skin Packaging is the process of adhering a 2.5 to 10 mil flexible plastic film called surlyn, to a printed paper board for the purpose of packaging a product for display, shipping or protection. Skin boards are printed and coated with a heat-activated adhesive before being shipped to a contract packager (like us).  These boards can be purchased from a company which specializes in printing coated skin boards.  Two such companies are Andex and Rohrer.  The board can vary in thickness from.018 to .054 thick.  Each board has microscopic holes which allows the air to be sucked out from around the product creating an perfect seal.  The boards can be product specific with graphics and 4 color back and front.  Or they can be scatter sheets which is merely a company name or logo repeated.  The scatter sheets allow the user to package many different products using the same board.

Skin Packaging and blister packaging differences:  A skin packaged product has a thin clear plastic film that has been shrunk over the product and adhered to the board.  A blister pack is a hard plastic pocket that is in a similar but not perfect shape of the product.   In many ways, a skin packaged product is superior to blister packaging.  You can change the configuration and size of the product and still use the same board.  This is great for products like circular saw blades, screw drivers, automotive parts, tools, etc.  Different sized products  can be put on the same board saving you money.  Blister packaging would require a new die and pocket for each size.

Product instructions, pictures, warnings, warranties, as well as prices and sizes can be printed on the back and front.

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Skin Packaging Advantages:

Pilfer Resistant
Requires minimal retail rack space
Fixes product position
Enhances product shape
Requires minimal materials inventory


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