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Die Cutting Services by Mag-Knight

Custom Die Cutting Services : Our pricing is available by clicking the navigation button on the left.   Laser Cutting information available by clicking highlighted text.

As previously mentioned, we can die cut gaskets, foam, sheet plastic, corrugated plastic, chipboard, fabric, rubber, felt, cork, very thin metals, wood, acrylic, composites, fiberglass, magnets, sponge, custom die cuts or any other flat material normally found in the industry.  For a comprehensive list, check our Materials section.

We only use flat bed die cutters to maintain accuracy and our high standards. A flat bed die cutter has essentially two parallel metal platens in between which the die and material are placed. When the press is cycled, the metal platens come together, exerting pressure on the die to cut out the part.

YouTube Video Demonstration


Click on the photo above for a video demo

This section is intended to help you, our valued customer, understand exactly what diecutting is.  The video is 15 seconds long and shows Smith® Ski Goggles being cut. 

Video Explained: We manufactured a steel rule die to their specifications using a laser. Then we lined it with white ejection foam to aid in part removal.  The die in the video is the white board.  The material (.02 anti-fog lens material) is placed between the steel rule die and the head of the press.  When the press is cycled, the head of the machine comes down and forces the material into the die using 15 tons of pressure.  When the press comes back up, the ejection foam pops the parts out.  The parts are stacked, the waste is removed and the process is repeated.

All of the products we die cut require us to have a very clean environment.  Since many are consumer products, we must be very careful to ensure that the they maintain their perfect appearance.  This same careful attention to detail will apply to your job, large or small.

Our machinery can handle dies up to 35"X 60" with over 90 tons of force.  Our flatbed press shown above is very quick, clean and efficient on many materials including foams, plastics, cardboards, felts, etc.

Your custom job will require a steel rule die which will be laser cut to meet your exact shape and specifications.  The die is purchased once and used numerous times to increase the cost effectiveness of the process.  The more times you use the board, the cheaper each of your units will cost.   To find out more about steel rules dies click on the highlighted text.

Mag-Knight's Technical Ability: As previously mentioned, our company president will take you step by step through the  process and suggest the most efficient methods based on his experience and patented processes. You will pay the lowest price combined with the highest technical knowledge. Please give us a call today to prove our commitment to you! Note: The process is greatly aided by drawings of your desired part(s).  It is very difficult for us to give you an accurate estimate without some kind of starting point...and that is usually some kind of drawing from you. Please make every attempt to have some kind of drawing before calling.  It will save you time and money in the long run.




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