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Custom Laser Cutting Services

 Laser Cutting Services Die Cutting, Laser diecuts

Laser Cutting Services information: What cannot be readily die cut by a steel rule die can often be processed by our laser cutting machinery. Like our diecutting service, quantities from 1 or 2 to full production are easily handled. We will take your design or CAD file and laser cut it out of your material of choice. Single pieces as large as 48" x 84" can be laser cut at one time. Depending on the material and thickness, parts can be cut to within thousandths of an inch accuracy. Prototyping prior to production is an ideal application for laser cutting. Dimensional and geometric changes can be made and new parts cut with minimal effort and expense.

Laser Cutting Services Materials:

See our materials section for preliminary recommendations on laser versus diecutting.

Laser and diecutting differ in the fact that die cutting uses templates, or steel rule dies,  to punch parts out over and over.  Laser cutting uses a focused beam of light to burn its way through materials such as, acrylic, wood, PETG, ABS or any other hard material that generally resists a temporary burst of heat.  The head follows a pre-determined patch generated from a cad file to cut the part.   Because of these factors, lasers are best suited for harder parts (see photo of laser diecuts above) that generally resist temporary bursts of flame. 


Since we offer both types of services we can process just about any non-metallic material typically used in the automotive, fuel cell, aerospace, commercial vehicle, printing or scrap book industry.  Please consider giving us an opportunity to quote your next job 

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