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I purchased your magnetic tank bra for my 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14. I will never go back to anything else. I also watched your install video and using just a simple house hold hair dryer, it went on like it was painted on the tank.  Everybody that sees asks me where I got it. I refer them to your website.

Just to show you how good it looks:
You have a customer for life.

Thank You,

John Hinkle


I had previously attempted to protect my tank by using a product similar to thick Saran Wrap. What a disaster. Hard to apply. Had to reapply over and over. A single drop of gas makes the product shrivel up.

I received and mounted your magnetic tank bra to my 2005 Honda ST1300.
 So easy to fit and it complements the color scheme of my bike.
 I will recommend your magnetic tank bra to all the riders I know.
Paul Hall-Smith

Roswell, GAMK194B closeup.jpg (83276 bytes)

Here are some pics of my new ZX1400.   I am very pleased with your magnetic tank bra.  It is very good quality and a great product for sport bikes, like mine. It was very easy to install and it is so stealth that you have to really look to notice it is on the tank. Thanks for your help and speedy response.

Sincerely Thien Swafford



 Just wanted to give you guys an update. My name is Barry Goldberg, I have the Mag-knight carbon tank bra on my Hayabusa, as seen in your pictures under Suzuki. After 11,000 miles of 100 Plus degree days and many below zero days, your tank protector is as good as new. No visible signs of any wear, no tears and still the same perfect fit and protection as day one. Thanks for making such a great product
Far to often companies make products that are inferior, yours works terrific and people should know.
Barry Goldberg
Turbo Hayabusa
9.38 @ 156 mph.
Hyabusa1.jpg (82734 bytes) Hyabusa2.jpg (67456 bytes)GSX-R 1300 HAYABUSA (Click on picture for enlargement) Photo courtesy of Barry Goldberg.



I first installed your mag-knight tank cover on my Suzuki Hayabusa in 2000 and I have over 42000 miles on my bike and your cover is still as good as the day I first installed it! No rips, no tears, and my tank is scratch free.  

Thank you,

Barry Goldberg

2000 Suzuki Turbo Hayabusa

6 years of wear and tear and your Mag-Knight is perfect!

After six years!!!!


2005 Color Match R1

 I just finished installing your tank bra on a new Yamaha 2005 R-1.
 The process was simple, quick and even easier than your video suggested.  It fits like a glove!
 What's so nice about your product is that it appears to offer excellent protection, is almost invisible, (capturing your "stealth" tank bra in a photograph was not easy), and it can be removed in a second.
 Amazing product!!
 Jonathan Friedman
Mendham, NJ



(Color Match 2003 Suzuki SV650)

This thing looks great -- if you can see it :-) LOL
I had my doubts when I placed it on the tank and couldn't get it to settle down.  then I saw the label on the box talking about the heat-gun tip.  This worked wonders, even at the teardrop bases of the tank where there is a sharp cut in the tank (Suzuki SV650 2003).  Heated up the vinyl and pressed on the area until the bra cooled.  Presto! Great fit.  This thing looks like it was spray painted on.  Great product.
Thank you Mag-Knight.
Alberto Abelleira

Dear Mag-Knight,
I own a relatively rare 1993 Suzuki Bandit GSF400. Understandably, your company does not carry a magnetic tank bra specifically for my motorcycle. Nevertheless, I recently took a chance and purchased one of your Ducati 996 tank bras with the intention of trying to make it fit my bike. Concerned about the fit, one of your sales associates cautioned me against buying the product, but gave me hints on how to get a good fit if I decided to order the bra anyway.
With some careful trimming of the bottom edge on both sides of the bra, a little heat, and some tender loving care, I was able to convert the Ducati 996 bra into a perfect fit for my motorcycle. Not only that, but I used the two left over pieces to fill in contoured cut-outs on either side of the front of my tank. I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the product, and I invite you to use my words and my attached images on your web-site.
Thank-you for an innovative product and for your technical support. You guys are great.
Gerry R.

pic1.jpg (46168 bytes) pic2.jpg (40508 bytes) pic3.jpg (26900 bytes)

I finally got it. To be honest with you guys, I never thought a tank protector could be such a cool thing. I consider myself a hardcore rider. I'm an animal when it comes to throwing the bike around. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't  move the mag-baby around. I do highly recommend this product, it is unbelievable just how this item protects your tank. For this I give a *****. Thanks you guys 
Just a quick note to say "Thanks" !

My new tank protector is fitted nicely onto my Yamaha Fazer 1000 (FZ1 to you I believe!) and although I haven't put many miles on it yet, its resisting in the -5 deg C temperatures we've had recently in England with no problems at all.

Thanks for such prompt shipping too all the way over here!

Best regards

Paulpjgpad_reduced.jpg (81365 bytes)

Hi Daniel,
I finally had time to get my Mag-Knight tank protector installed on my 05 R1.  I have to tell you that this is a fantastic product.  I've tried so many others.....they either looked like ricer-boy junk or else they didn't fit right.  Yours was both a perfect color match and fit to my bike.  I am so happy with it!  And I also have to tell you how much I appreciate the video you have up on your website - it was immensely helpful. 
Brad K.


     Here is my 2005 Suzuki GSX1300R with a color match tank protector.  I love the product and it has already saved my tank from a nasty scratch.  Thanks for the protection!!!
Lynn H Chung
La Crescenta, CA


I received the tank bra on May 8, and thanks to some sunshine today (finally!) I installed it on my 2006 FJR1300A.  I'm pleased to report that it fit like a glove, and only required minimal heating.
Your on-line video was very helpful.  As a useful tip, in the future you may want to mention that the tank will heat more quickly if it's (near) empty.  I think your instructions several years ago may have mentioned this.
This is the third time I have purchased a Mag-Knight tank bra and I will continue to purchase them for my bikes in the future:  You make a fine product.  I wouldn't even think of using another type of tank bra.
For your viewing pleasure I have attached 2 photos of my bike with the tank bra installed.  For the record, my bike is a 2006 Yamaha FJR1300A in "Dark Metallic Blue" (Canadian colour). 
Mark S.
Ontario, Canada



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