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After trying those stick on tank protectors, a leather tank bra, and the Mag-Knight magnetic tank protector, I would have to say that the Mag-Knight protector is the best way to go. 

 I had to remove my stick-on tank protector because it was already peeling off around the edges after only a few month’s application.  The gooey mess it left behind was disgusting and a major pain to clean off.  I had tried a leather tank bra and the fit was just not good enough for me.  Plus, the tabs and hooks that keep the bra onto the tank does wear away at the paint wherever it’s gripping on.  Not a good thing.  I ride in the rain and have to take off the tank bra after a wet ride so that the dirt and condensation would not damage the paint any further.  Overall, a pain to upkeep.

 I love the Mag-Knight tank protector because:

1.  Very easy to put on.  I did apply some heat to it to make sure that the fit was just perfect.

2.  Keeps the bike looking clean and streamlined.  I love the looks, very cool and clean. 5 Stars!!  *****

3.  Very easy to keep clean and looking good.

4.  It does the job very well.  Dirt does not get between it and the tank – so there is no damage to the paint that way.  It stays on where you put it, so there is no rubbing or moving around.

 Overall – I absolutely love this magnetic bra and I definitely think it is the best form of tank protection yet!

Satisfied customer,

Dawn S. Champion

Yes, this is really me!!


Dawn Races Too!






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